Friday, November 6, 2015

Marseilles - a different French experience

The trip to Marseilles was the first outreach event that we've participated in since our time in France in 2012. We were part of a team of over 100 participants from 7 different churches in the area. We passed out literature, hosted kid's clubs, and were part of teams doing street performances. Michelle and I got to lead the times of worship in the mornings and Emily got to be part of the mime team.

Overall, it was a taxing, hot, spiritually heavy, but ultimately rewarding experience. I am most thankful to know that we were able to build some great relationships with pastors in the area and there are plans in motion now for OM to return next year.

For some personal thoughts from Michelle about our Marseilles experience, you can click here to read her blog.

Michelle and Ted leading worship
Ted playing guitar at a kid's club event

Timothy and Ted's PSG group
Event at the Vieux-Port (Old Port)
At night

Michelle as part of the street performance team.
Ted sharing at our host church in St. Juste
Emily - the mime!
Ted and Jimmy at St. Juste

When we finished the week of outreach, we got the chance to meet with the Jones family and spend a few days together. We hadn't spent time together like this in almost 2 years!
Families that meet together, eat together

Judah's got a gun...

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