Friday, July 20, 2012

Paris Day 1

Paris, July 19, 2012

Yesterday we visited the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Paris Archaeological Crypt (shows the ruins of medieval Paris), the St Chapelle Cathedral, and the Conciergerie (old prison). We bought food from a little cafe and ate dinner by the Seine River. 

Paris Archaeological Crypt
In front of the Notre Dame (Emily's hiding because she's scared!) 

2nd from the right is St. Denis. Apparently, when he was martyred by decapitation, he simply picked up his head and kept on walking to the next place God called him to until he died. At least that's how Michelle told the story.

The 2 baddest dudes in Paris... 
Inside St. Chapelle

Outside St. Chapelle 

Eating our take away on the river Seine


As the kids have been saying, this would only have been better if Judah was here. We miss our sweet Judah so much, but it's obvious he would have had a really difficult time here. But we know he's in good hands. 

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  1. Make sure to visit the Latin quarter. My favorite part of Paris!