Monday, July 2, 2012

What is He thinking?

Have you ever asked that question before?

I know that I have. In fact, as we get closer and closer to the France trip, I keep asking it more and more. Just trying to wade through all the logistical details, the travel arrangements, the time off work, the kids packing lists, etc. makes me wonder sometimes if God has the right idea in using me and my family to share the Gospel.

But then, there are those moments, when I allow my heart to listen to what He is saying. Those moments at the dinner table when I hear my kids talk about how God answered their prayer, or how they keep hearing God speak the same message to them in different ways. Those moments when I allow myself to FEEL His burden for the lost, and I realize I can't keep quiet about it. During these times, I begin to trust.

I may still not understand why He chose me, or why He does things the way He does, but at least I know that I can lean on Him and I know that He won't let me fall. I know during those times that He actually put a calling on my life to help others and that He wants to see me fulfill it.

I know that I'm no one special. If He is willing to use me and my family to fulfill His purposes, then He has something for you, too. I hope you can discover what it is, and begin to live it out - even if you still sometime have to ask, "God, what are you thinking?"


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