Sunday, February 24, 2013


OK, so I recognize that we haven't updated this site since our return from GA last September. Part of that is because we have been so busy since then, but part of it is because we didn't know how best to explain what has been going on.

Here is the "short" version:

On Thanksgiving Day, we got the word that we were officially invited to work with OM France. That was certainly one of the best Thanksgiving celebrations we've ever had. We are beginning to see the end of a 15-year season of preparation for going to work with the church on a foreign field, and a lot is happening quickly.

We have been given a budget that consists of both monthly support and a start-up fund. The amount at times seems unreachable and impossible to raise, but God has already been tremendously faithful. Since mid-December, when we began fundraising, we have raised almost 25% of our monthly support and 20% of our start-up costs.

How are we doing this? Great question! Michelle and I are contacting friends and family and setting up appointments to share our burden for France. This is a unique culture that has a past full of both a powerful work of the Holy Spirit as well as much darkness. Michelle and I still have a lot to learn, but we feel that working in partnership with the church in France, we can share the message of redemption that God has so evidently shown in our lives. We want to see God speak to the 90% of villages and towns in France that have NO EVANGELICAL church at all. We want His Word to speak to the 74% of French people who have never even opened a Bible.

I hope that this short update can begin to capture the burden and love that we feel towards the French people. We would love to meet with everyone one-on-one and speak more specifically about how God is leading us and how you can be a part of the change that He is beginning. If you're reading this now, please pray for us and our fundraising efforts. Pray for our family as we begin the transition process of selling our house, learning French, and making some significant adjustments. And please pray for the Church in France. Pray for the pastors and the people of God that they will be able to share their faith and see God work in a new way there.

Also, I hope that you can expect a phone call from one of us to set up a time to meet! Will you help us be a part of seeing the Spirit of God work in France in a new way?

Thank you all so much!