Monday, May 1, 2017

Current Projects 2017 - UPDATED!

1) Increasing Monthly Support by 30% What does this mean, and why do we need it?

When we arrived in France with came with a significant reserve that we used to supplement our monthly income. Over the past two years (the time that we planned from the beginning), that reserve is almost gone. Living in France is expensive and we simply need to augment our current monthly support by 30%. 

2) The Wallace Clan US Tour 2017 - What does this mean, and what does it include?

As much as we'd love to come back home more often, the cost is prohibitive to fly the entire Clan back and forth to the US. So with that in mind, we have held off our return until this summer. We'd love to stay longer and have the opportunity to visit everybody, but we really want to keep the kids on schedule with their school, which ends at the beginning of July and starts around September 1st. 

We know God has called us to France, but He has also asked to us share with the Church. We are excited to tell as many people as possible the way He is currently working in France, and we are just as passionate to share about the needs here. 

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by June 1st for this trip home. This includes: passport renewals (for all 6 of the Clan), international airfare, a domestic flight (for one person), meals, hotels and fuel for the road, and a few incidentals. So far, we have raised about $2000 for the project, but we need your help.

We just received a gift that will enable us to renew our passports - a major answer to prayer!

3) The Wallace Children Integration Program - What on earth does this mean?

A big part of our "ministry" here is the daily life that all of us live. Taking kids to school, volunteering for an outing, getting involved in after school programs or sports, etc. We have had multiple opportunities to meet with parents and our children's friends through getting involved in these activities. We also want our kids to truly feel at home here. The language and cultural transition is already difficult, but slowly and surely, they are making their way. 

A big part of this project is the purchase of a vehicle. For the last two years, we have been privileged to be able to use the OM France Minibus, but it is really time for us to be able to get a vehicle of our own. It has been one of our prayer subjects since our arrival, and we believe that this will be a great benefit to the whole family. 

The result to a huge answer to prayer is that we received a vehicle!!
There are still some costs to import the vehicle to France (from Germany) and to register it here, but Thank God for the generosity of a former OM family!

The other aspects of this project include registration in the different activities for the kids throughout the year - music lessons, sports, etc. - and a budget for clothing for the kids. We thrive on hand-me-downs, but it is difficult to depend on nothing but those items to clothe ALL the kids. 

Our total goal for this project is $5000.

How can you help?
1.    Pray - First and foremost, we understand that God provides. He uses people and different methods, but He is the source. Pray that He will open doors and lead people to give.

2.   Give - After you've prayed, ask if you feel God is leading you to give. If you feel led to be a partner in our ministry in France, you can give by clicking one of the following links.

Project #1 - Monthly Support

Project #2 - The Wallace Clan US Tour 2017

Project #3 - The Wallace Children Integration Program