Thursday, July 25, 2013

Quick Update- Wallace Clan

Before we send out a formal newsletter, I thought I'd share a little bit about what has been going on with the Wallace Clan the last few weeks:

The biggest news is that we sold our house! It was such an answer to prayer, and now we are even closer to our goal of moving to France. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us about this!

We were also surprised recently to get a package from a missionary family that is on the OM France team. They sent us some very encouraging notes - that they were excited and looking forward to us joining them in France - and a bag of candy for the kids loaded with French riddles in the wrappers. According to our friends, it's not possible to understand them unless we have an elementary-aged French child.

Michelle has been working hard tutoring the kids in some basic French over the summer. We're hoping to be able to do a video update soon so that you can hear from Emily, Daniel, Timothy, and Judah.

We've also been blessed lately to meet several people who have worked with missions or lived in France. Their insight has been invaluable, and we're hoping to gather some information that will speak to the spiritual condition of France more specifically.

Thanks again for all of your prayers. God is really on the move on our behalf. I want to mention two specific prayer requests as well:

  1. That God will continue to give us opportunities to share our vision for France in order to build our support team.
  2. That God will bring people into our lives that have a burden for Europe in general and France in particular. He has already begun this process, but we are anxious to partner with others who feel the same way that we do about this spiritually needy place.
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Thanks so much,
-ted (Wallace Clan Representative)