Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OutBound Day 2

Even as I write "day 2," I find it hard to believe. It feels like we've been here a week already. We have had so many meetings, training sessions, and one-on-one discussions, it feels like our brains are about to burst!

Hopefully that won't happen.

Today we covered a variety of topics, beginning with prayer for the region of MENA (Middle East & North Africa). We heard stories about how God is working among Muslims in the region, and it was both exciting and heart-breaking at the same time. God is doing a powerful work. Did you know that the church in Iran is the fastest, and largest-growing church in the Muslim world? I didn't either! God is doing an amazing work there, but the need is still so vast. Please keep praying that the truth of the gospel will penetrate the hearts of those in that area of the world.

We also talked a lot about transition; both to the field and returning home. It was really a good discussion/session. We were able to talk to several individuals who have already been on the field about how to best prepare our kids for this transition. Good stuff.

We ended the day a little earlier than the last two nights, so it gave us some time to answer some emails, and read a bit before the end of the day. I am more convinced that God is doing something throughout the world right now, and in this time. I am more stirred to pray for the lost and for workers who are making disciples than ever before.
Marsha and Marvin* two of our housemates here at OutBound. (*Names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

This is our room during the conference. That bed that Michelle is sitting on has been the bed that we're sharing during the conference. It is ok, we love each other, we don't mind being close.

I would like to end with this question: How are you answering the call to the Great Commission in your life?

Let's do this together!

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