Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Am Not A Fundraiser: Confessions of a Missionary Raising Support

"I am no good at this, what is God even thinking."

I must admit that I've asked this question on numerous occasions over the last 12 months. I have never been an entrepreneur. I've never claimed to be a vision-caster that draws lots of people in with an emotive plea for resources. So what on earth am I doing trying to raise a budget of over $7000/month?

The only conclusion that I've come to at this point is that I am doing what God has asked me to do.

Michelle and I feel strongly that God has called us to France. If we're honest there are times that we don't feel qualified or that we don't have anything to offer. We don't yet know the language, and neither of us feels like the most outgoing people.

But our call to France doesn't just have to do with a sense of obligation or duty. The more time I spend in prayer, or go through pictures of our last trip there, or email pastors or missionaries that are working in France - the more I am overwhelmed with a sense of burning desire to help. My heart aches for the pastors that are living and working in France, in small churches, shepherding the people that God has brought into their families.

The multiple newsletters that we get from our friends who are working in France stir our hearts with a mixture of heartache because we are not there and excitement for a time in the near future where we will get to be a part of what God is doing. God has called us to go, and each day He weaves the strings of our hearts together with the hearts of the French people.

I am not a fundraiser, but this process of fundraising is an essential part of our call. You see, we cannot do this alone. God never intended us to shoulder this burden by ourselves. He has called us to partner with family, friends, and church families to share the load. We get to work together to bring the Good News to people in France who have never had a clear presentation of the Gospel. It was Paul's partnership with individuals and church families that enabled him to share the Gospel with so many. We desire to partner with you the same way.

If you are reading this, then I assume that you know us. We've attempted to chronicle our journey thus far, but we know that you may have questions about the details of what we'll be doing. We would love nothing more than an opportunity to share our hearts with you, and allow you to pray about your level of involvement. We know that God has called us to go, and we want to offer you an opportunity to give.

I am not a fundraiser, but I want to get to France. I feel that God has called us to be a part of what He is doing in that country. We want to give our voices, our energy, and our strength to partner with the Church in a country that has largely dismissed Christ. We can only do that with your help.


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