Sunday, July 22, 2012

En route à Clermont-Ferrand

Yesterday was mostly a day of travel and orientation. We left our hotel in Paris around 11am, and took the Metro to the Paris-Bercy train station. Our 3 1/2 hr. ride was pleasant and relaxing. Most of the time, Michelle and I looked out the window and saw the French countryside rushing by us. It looked something like this:

The French countryside at 120k/hr
But every time we looked up we saw this:
Nerds who wouldn't know a beautiful landscape if it jumped up and slapped them in the face!

 Okay, I'm joking, I know that they can appreciate culture... (and I appreciated how quiet it kept them on the train!)

Anyway, around 4:30 pm, we arrived in Clermont-Ferrand and met with the rest of our team at a local church where the outreach is being organized. We had a wonderful dinner, including some absolutely delicious homemade crème de chocolat, and then did some orientation and ice-breaking games to get to know everyone. The kids were especially happy to meet new friends, 9 according to Timothy's count!

The day ended quite late, with us going to bed near 1 am at a host-home around 15k north of Clermont-Ferrand, in a town called Riom.

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