Friday, March 29, 2013

Busy but Thankful

We've already had a great response from our recent newsletter. Thank you to everyone who has contacted us, donated, or told us that they're praying for us! We truly appreciate it. If you didn't get an email from us, let us know so we can keep you updated.

This weekend we bought most of our supplies to fix up the house, but we have to store it inside until our first "workday." Some guys at church will be helping us repair our fence, replace woodwork on the house, paint, do some landscaping, etc. Today we're having a new heating unit put in. We're also selling some furniture and sorting through what things we need to keep or get rid of. So needless to say, our house is a wreck!

In the midst of it all, we have to find time to play with the kids and do normal things. 

And especially since it's Easter weekend, we remember the tremendous sacrifice of our Savior. Nothing can compare to His love. In spite of the craziness around us, we fix our eyes on Jesus and thank Him that we have eternal life, hope, & joy!

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