Thursday, March 21, 2013

Daily Randomness

It is so weird to think about moving to France on a daily basis, and then still do the "normal" stuff of family life. Tonight was Emily's pre-UIL concert at South Garland High School (as a Lakeview alumni, I had to hold my breath the entire time...).

Of course, we had to reward her astounding performance with some Dairy Queen, and then finished up the night with schoolwork for Timothy and giving Judah a bath.

We also sent out our very first email newsletter that explains part of our story in getting back to France. There is this really cool link on our page here where you can sign up if you want.

Anyway, as we move closer and closer to our goal, I am thinking more and more about how our life will change. Because there is so much unknown for us, I'm not sure how much will change, and what we'll be able to keep the same. It is EXCITING though, and we're all looking forward to it.


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